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I have had the program for a week and it has almost paid for itself. I really had a hard time parting with the money, but Chad was so persistant and showed me how I would save and make money. So far it has been great, can't wait till I get to know the program better.

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Jim H., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/14/2012

My name is ALIMI, in Nigeria. I have been trading Forex for the past five years. I have lost close to $30,000. I persisted because I knew Forex is a profitable business, I have bought a lot of EAs and Systems, but I discovered that they are all marketers and they have nothing to offer. I was just checking my mail one day and stumbled on the VantagePoint site and decided to give it a try. What impressed me was the quality of their staff and the level of their support. Ever since I bought into it, everything about my trading has changed, I now trade with confidence. I only spend less that 20 minutes a night and before I knew it, my account begin to grow. Their prediction is actually more than the 86% they claimed. I will recommend it to any trader, it is the only thing I use for my trading.

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Alimi A, VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 10/4/2011

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I purchased VantagePoint because of the good reputation the software had, I have learned and used the software as part of my analyst for 3 months now, and I have nothing but praise for VantagePoint, testimonials have to be deserved, and yes in my book. VantagePoint definitely deserves this testimonial, I’m more than 20% up on my bank. Fantastic piece of kit as we would say over here in little England. I would have no hesitation with recommending VantagePoint to other traders wanting to learn the software and what it offers.

Ten Out Of Ten.

Colin J., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 9/1/2011

I came across VantagePoint in 2006 when looking for an analytical tool based on Intermarket Analysis. VantagePoint was providing an analysis of markets based on this principle with very satisfactory results and a high percentage of accuracy.

Purchasing the software in 2006 was a intelligent choice; it was pricey but returned its cost within a short time period. The technology behind the software and its huge potential which through the years became more and more visible with the newer versions fascinated me and provided me with information and analysis that I translated in successfully trades. By developing a simple trading management strategy I enjoy the results with a relative small amount of work.

M. Davidson, VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/11/2011

I am a keen advocate of VantagePoint due to my success in using the software. I was a skeptic until I took a closer look at the promotional material sent to me by Market Technologies. The rest is history. The predictions are out of this world to say the least as their indicators are leading indicators based on intermarket analysis and not on a mathematical algorithm which uses past price to predict the future.

I take my hat off to Louis. B. Mendelsohn, the mastermind behind VantagePoint, for he has changed the lives of many people through his research and development of the program.

Last but not least I must congratulate the staff at Market Technologies on the professional way they promote the software along with the aftermarket support.

Herman HR., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 5/31/2011

This best signals I get from VantagePoint are the continuation of a trend. When the true strength indicator and 18 day moving average is in agreement then trend is established. I would recommend VantagePoint to all traders because it tells you when the trend is changing. The software is very easy to use and the support is fantastic.

Eugene Q., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/15/2011

I had to send you an email; and let you know how I'm doing so far. Well yesterday I used IntelliScan on all the cross pairs. I identified a good setup on the EUR/GBP. I entered the market in a long position once it was near the predicted low. I put my stop under the previous days low. About A 70 pip risk, the market went against me 9 pips then bounced up sharply. I was so happy to see that on my demo account. Still in the position, and today's prediction is a higher high and low, with everything else still pointing up. I feel that I am really going to change my life with this software.

Plus I was analyzing the USDCHF around 6:00pm and I saw a setup to go long. But I waited until 6:30pm got the update, and that was huge, because it showed some bearish predictions. I then saw another setup with in the same that I first saw. I got a candlestick formation and I shorted the market for a 1:1 quick scalp trade. I got in and got filled in two hours, and the market may have went against me about 5 pips before it raced to my limit order. Got out of the trade about 10 pips away from the predicted low. I picked up 27 pips on my demo account.

I have been in the Market Technologies learning center looking at the videos over and over, plus reading my books from Market Technologies. I believe I will become a World-Class trader with this World-Class software. Thank you for helping me, and I have not even used the software a full week yet. I am doing very good so far, and excited about everything. I recommend VantagePoint for anyone who trades.

Jabir H., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 4/28/2011

I was interested in trading the Markets for some time now. After procrastinating for 15 years or so I'm now a new trader thanks to VantagePoint. In June 2010, I put the initial money up to get with a brokerage firm and still hesitated on pulling the trigger. Then, on the net one night and I saw an ad for VantagePoint. I was interested, so I looked in to it more and found that it's something I would like to invest in. It paid off!

I started my trading in July of 2010 and by the end of August that same year I made my money back three times fold but the product and what it does is not all you get with VantagePoint. It is the personnel behind it -- Market Technologies. First, I need to set the stage and give you some info on my situation so you can understand how good the support help is at Market Technologies.

I am in the US Army and I was on my way overseas when this took place. The internet where I was stationed at the time was terrible and I recently purchased a new computer so I needed to change the programs (VantagePoint and CRB) to my new computer. I got in touch with a GREAT support/help person from Market Technologies named Kellie. She helped me out and gave me 100% of her time and effort. Kellie had all the patience anyone could have with all the trouble I gave her on my end and the time it took to get my new computer up and running she did one heck of a job.

Now I'm back in the markets. Without good people behind a good product there wouldn't be a great product and I wouldn't be trading the markets like a champ. A BIG Thanks to Kellie and Chris at Market Technologies and Thank to VantagePoint for having a great product! I am a VantagePoint user for life!

Neil., Wisconsin (currently trading from Iraq),
VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 3/3/2011

While I was searching the internet looking at research and reports about the futures markets, I bumped into the VantagePoint website. I did show interest and had a demo. The Demo was impressive and I thought this is too good to be true and as such, must be too good to be true (fiction). But I have to say that this software is scary sometimes at how accurate it can be.

I purchased the package and I have already made more than what I paid for it. My suggestion is to try it for yourself. You need to invest in yourself and learn a little of how to use the software. I wouldn't go into a trade without checking with VantagePoint first.

Y.Z., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/16/2011

I am pleased to take a few moments to brag on VantagePoint and to also thank you for your superb customer service that you have provided to me since I purchased the Vantage Point Software about 6 months ago. I am a professional trader (I trade for a living) and VantagePoint has certainly increased my annualized ROI since I have been using it. I trade stocks, options (including advanced strategies), futures and FOREX; and VantagePoint covers all of these markets quite effectively. This strategy has worked out quite well for me so I feel comfortable to highly recommend Vantage Point to any trader that is serious about improving his or her track record. Keep up the great work!

David W., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/9/2011

It is a fascinating technology and is primarily a price predictive tool, yet so much more. I have no affiliation with the company other than the fact that I purchased the software. I am a private trader just like you. I can tell you this…. I will not trade without it. I use it every day in my trading. The cost is easily covered in the profitable trades you'll have and the losing trades you'll avoid when using the software in conjunction with your other market analysis. If you want my advice, and this is GOOD advice, purchase and learn everything there is to know about VantagePoint software and how to use it. It changes everything in this game.

Joel S.P., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 01/27/2011

I have started with Forex trading about three years ago, and was just another statistic (losing money), until one day I clicked on the VantagePoint banner and left my details. I did get a call from a very enthusiastic sales associate, and a couple of days later I forked out my bottom dollar and bought VantagePoint. I must say it wasn't smooth sailing from the beginning as you need to get a feeling for the software, and yes there is another thing I learned from it even though it sometimes looks crazy, but you MUST trust the software, especially with the predicted "Highs" and "Lows". Since I acquired the Larry Williams indicators to compliment the software, there is no stopping me anymore. The only time when I lose money is when I am overconfident and don't trade with Vantage Point; it really has boosted my confidence. Thanks Lane for everything. I am certainly a happy and satisfied customer. Good Trading.

Peter F., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 1/27/11

My experience trading is limited. I have been reading lots of books & trading some. Originally saw VantagePoint software at the website. Looked really interesting so decided to give it a try. I think the software is fantastic & really can see the potential in it to help in successful trading. Just purchased the software with the 74 futures markets as more markets equals more opportunities which also helps paint a broader picture of the overall market. From what I have seen so far, I would recommend this software to anyone interested in trading. Thanks again.

Matt J., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 1/27/11

Simple yet powerful are the only words that can be used to describe Vantagepoint. For a beginner, you need to trust the outcome of the software prediction. You may not get as much as you can in the beginning, but slowly, when you are able to see how the software works from your experience, you will have better and great profits. For the advanced investor, this software can be a great scanning tool for you. I would say it works like another great and powerful indicator, with a combination of your knowledge of how to read the charts, the buy/ sell signals, and with your confirmation from the indicator, you have way more than 86% accuracy. Lastly, if you compare the price shown here with how much you will make, the cost of the software is just very cheap. If you don't see the benefits at the beginning, trust me; try to paper trade to get used of the software first. Then when you can see how it works better, you will know what I am saying is true.

Shu-Wei G., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 01/27/10

It was very hard to make the decision about getting VantagePoint after some bad experiences with web sites that gave away forecasts for the Forex market. However, I finally decided to come on board and I wish I’d known about this software before!

With VantagePoint and their friendly technical support, I can say I am becoming a very good trader and I can see a future in the Forex market!

The great software is suited for both beginner and expert traders. It is the best way to achieve your goals in the markets!

H. A., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 09/30/09

VantagePoint is one of the best trading programs available. Once you are familiar with the tools it provides you with, you will see astonishing results. The most powerful tool in the program is the neural index, which in conjunction with the other predictive indicators makes this program very powerful. Personally I trade only the Forex markets with real money and make demo trades in all the other markets. I have profited in both real and demo trading. I suggest this powerful program to any serious trader.

George G., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 05/28/09

VantagePoint made me a trader. Before using VantagePoint I was often correct on the direction of the market, but was unsuccessful because I got stopped out, got in too late, or got out too early. I knew which way the market was heading, but I was just a lousy trader. VantagePoint's predicted next day high and lows gave me intelligent entry points and stop out points, which has totally transformed my trading score.

Mike O., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 03/28/09

I have been using VantagePoint for about 5 months now and it has become the primary tool for me when assessing the markets for potential trades. I was attracted to VantagePoint by the claim that it was up to 80% accurate and after receiving the free market forecasts for some weeks I began to think that there was something in this claim. Despite the price, which I thought was a little steep at first, I purchased the software to see for myself to see what it could do. I can honestly say that I haven't been disappointed. The neural index is key to successful trading when using this software, so it pays to spend some time to get to know how to use the predictive features properly. If time is taken to get familiar with the tools in VantagePoint it is fairly easy to set up and to use. I now feel confident in placing trades that have been identified with this software.

I feel that I must also mention the back up that is available to VantagePoint customers. The customer service at VantagePoint is very good, but the VantagePoint Strategies Newsletter and Trader Planet Newsletters written by Jim Wyckoff, Robert. W. Colby, and Darrell Jobman are excellent and have been hugely beneficial in educating me on how to use VantagePoint and in helping me to identify potential trades. In all, an excellent package. If you are serious about trading and are looking for a single product that will provide everything you need to trade successfully look no further than VantagePoint. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend it.

D. C. C., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 03/27/09

VantagePoint is a great trading tool and when used with proper stop losses, the odds seem to roll in your favor over a period of time.

VantagePoint has been constantly upgrading its product and its recent upgrades are so valuable that you easily recover your investments in short time.

The best part about VantagePoint is their Tech Support group. They are so friendly, so patient and so effective. I wish my company’s IT support was half as efficient.

Keep it going and all the very best.

GK, VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 03/20/09

I purchased Vantage Point because I wanted to start making profits trading without any guess work. After reading the information from the VP website I was convince that this software would help me.

Vantage Point software has taught me how leading indicators are key and lagging indicators should not be considered. I've learned how intermarket analysis is very important before placing a trade. I now know several entry indicators that the software provide, which boost my confidence with trading.

I recommend to anyone that is trading or if you are a novice to get this software. It'll improve your knowledge and your profits big time.

Joseph J., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 02/25/09

I elected to use VantagePoint because of the 80% accuracy predicted trend forecast. I have placed more successful trades and earned significant returns on my trades. This software is by far one of the best out there. I visited the trader’s expo in NYC and no other software compares to VantagePoint. I would highly recommend this to anyone new or seasoned. I would like to personally thank Market Technologies for the ability to create such an awesome program.

Winford J., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 02/23/09

Using ONLY the Vantage Point software as my indicator to enter and exit the trade...I made almost 40% return in a Euro/Dollar trade in the recent down turn of the dollar. I intentially used ONLY Vantage Point as my indicator....I did not even look at another chart! And the trade started with the new scanner that picked out the trade. Great stuff! This software really works well!

Dr. Mike G., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 12/19/08

I started using VantagePoint after using other products out there that never measured up to their promises. In my first 3 weeks I have seen my trading account grow! The software gives you the confidence to enter a trade knowing that the odds are in your favor. Thanks to VantagePoint the word 'recession' no longer worries me.

Mark S., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 10/20/08

I wish to pass to you some of the reflections I have regarding the VantagePoint support staff…My reflections are all positive. I have never been turned away, talked down to, or slighted in the least when I have called upon your department for help. Every time I have received helpful answers and information. Any product without follow-up support is worthless. This is especially true of VantagePoint because it has a rather long learning curve. But every effort to learn how to utilize VantagePoint in the development of one's trading strategy is well rewarded.

I do not remember how I stumbled upon VantagePoint. Perhaps I was surfing looking for trading programs different from what I have used. But that day was a blessing for me. At first I was somewhat stunned by the price, but I decided that if it could contribute such invaluable information as it claimed for itself, it would be cheap at any price. I have traded the securities markets for over fifty years. Some years have been successful, but there have been years when I should have gone fishing instead of trading. Nothing in all that time has appeared that evidenced such sophistication, such thoroughness, such accuracy in predicting what tomorrow's Wall Street stock tables will look like. I've often dreamed what it would be like to have tomorrow's Wall Street Journal's stock tables today! VantagePoint's accuracy in predicting the direction of a stock, with predicted highs and lows is incredible. That's what VantagePoint does remarkably.

Bill K., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given 09/15/08

I have tried and tested many different trading software in the past 5 years. VantagePoint is by far the best software I have come across. It is user friendly and any trader regardless how long they have been trading will find it simple to use and understand. I recommend it for everyone. You will never regret it.

Chehade A., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/4/08

As a complete novice to Forex trading, purchasing VP has given me all the tools I need to choose potential trades in one package, without wading through mountains of forecasts and Technical analysis. I'm now able to Quickly assess which trades can be entered during the following trading session, and potentially more importantly, stay away from the market when conditions are not favorable - after all this is all about preserving a Trading balance at the very least.

The initial support I was given by Market Technologies allowed me to instantly assess data for both day & position trading. Within hours of installing the software & running through the telephone tutorial, I was confidently able to spot potentially good trades, and dismiss others as unfavorable or unyielding. Before I decided to purchase VP, my live trading consisted of hours of analysis from a number of different Forex trading desks, studying charts & applying technical indicators in the hope of determining possible profitable pairs for the following day. With VP's leading predictions, I can relax and confidently choose trades, entry & exit points, stops etc within 30 minutes of data download. I can then place my orders and go to bed!

In the 3 weeks leading up to acquiring VP I use to spend a good 4 hours each evening trying to assess how the market was going to develop the following day during that 3 week period my losses totaled 10% of my trading balance. During my first "cautious.' week with VP, all of my trades (with one exception) came out in profit. VP’s Intermarket analysis really allows traders to take much of the guesswork out of trying to understand how each market element of the global economy interacts with others, avoiding highly accurate predictions of trend direction, range & magnitude for individual markets –an invaluable tool for assistance in making the right trading decisions.

Forex trading is hard and I am a rookie in many respects, but I know with VP that I have a great analytical & predictive tool on my side which will allow my knowledge of trading to increase proportionally as I make money and refine my strategies & overall perceptions over time - I could of Quite easily become one of the high percentage of trading casualties as my trading balanced dwindled making poor decisions, now I feel confident I have a great chance of succeeding - it won't make me ft millionaire over night, but...from little acorns do great oaks grow...

William P., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 11/07/07

I became familiar with the VantagePoint application a couple of years ago while reading a book by John Murphy on intermarket analysis. While the topic on intermarket analysis intrigued me; the VantagePoint application blew me away. I successfully trade the Forex market using three tools: (1) Trading in the direction of the overall trend, (2) Buying and selling near support and resistance levels, and (3) Using VantagePoint as a confirmation and better entry tool. I have attempted to use the vast array of indicators and oscillators with no real success - but VantagePoint is the one application with the real "muscle" to leverage the necessary intermarket relationships of each trade that I take. My experience with both the sales and technical team only solidifies the reputation of the application itself and your firm; as I would highly recommend VantagePoint to anyone serious about successfully trading in any market.

J.L.S., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 10/30/07

I can say that I am so pleased with VantagePoint and TraderTech Support. They are both superb. I feel lucky I happened on to VantagePoint. It was a lot of money to pay when I first started, but I was surprised when I made my investment in VantagePoint back the first week of use. I highly recommend VantagePoint and the staff. VantagePoint is the best of all the rest!

Don H., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 8/27/07

Purchasing VantagePoint is like purchasing portfolio insurance. I can’t imagine trading without it. Spending only a few minutes at the end of each day with VantagePoint allows me to confidently trade in a worry free fashion. VantagePoint is easy to use and understand for traders at any level of experience from newbie to old veteran. Being both visionary and transparent in method is unique in the market place. Louis Mendelsohn is a genius, and his willingness to share his theories with us is a gift that keeps on giving. The customer service and technical support available at VantagePoint is without parallel. The entire company is committed to your success from start to finish. This software blows the doors off the competition. What competition?

E.V. VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given 7/25/07

I love to trade, and now I can do what I love full-time thanks to VantagePoint. The accuracy of VantagePoint gives traders the confidence needed to pull the trigger when its time. VantagePoint is extremely flexible in how it can be set up to fit many different styles of trading. The most unique feature and my favorite is it gives me a 360 degree picture of the market place; I can see over 2 years of history, 25 markets broad per every target market, and of course the forecast. I'm a successful trader because of VantagePoint and the great team behind the software!

David Ryan B., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/25/07

Having started with VantagePoint in 2006, trading mostly ETFs, I was thrilled when VantagePoint offered the same predictive system for selected stocks. Although it took me a while to trust the system, I now use it daily because of the results. Along with the blue line (both long-range and medium-range predictions) and the predicted MACD crossover VantagePoint gives me an early heads up on changing trends.

William B., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given 5/10/07

I have found VantagePoint to be the single most important software tool in my trade arsenal. When used correctly, VantagePoint can have a huge impact on any trading strategy.

Steve M., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 4/18/07

I have been trading E-mini S&P500 Strangles for 14 months. VantagePoint Software has assisted in providing the next day predicted high and lows as well as the trending patterns with alarming accuracy and predictability to assist in strategic planning and tactical order execution. The reliability of the next day predictions is as advertised. VantagePoint has given me the courage to place large positions with high projected probability for profit and is instrumental in giving me the confidence to place large positions in the market. IT REALLY WORKS

Bob S., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given 2/23/07

I have found Vantage Point to be the most valuable trading tool available. Currently, Vantage Point is the only trading tool I use. Trading currency, I doubled my initial investment in a little more than a month.

Shawn C., VantagePoint customer
Testimonial given on 11/30/06

Since using the VantagePoint software, I have substantially increased the number of winning trades with a much higher profit percentage than with my previous programs. Profits of $500 to $850 a day, trading one contract is within easy reach with VantagePoint.

Jerry D., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 8/10/2005

For four years I had been day trading just 3 markets, my trades lasted from 15 minutes to two days max. I wanted to get away from my computer and screen, and spend an hour a day max trading. VantagePoint offered this with its excellent Predicted Moving Averages. The first 4 trades were all profitable making enough to get my investment back. So I'm a happy man in England, and with more free time for myself!

Nick S., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 8/1/05

VantagePoint software is incredibly accurate and easy to use. This is the fastest payback of any software that I have ever used.

Jim B., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/29/2005

I have been a full-time trader for over 3 years with varying success. Then I purchased the VantagePoint software about 1'½ years ago. The software has allowed me to trade successfully over 80% of the time. Not to mention, my profits soar while my losses are kept to a minimum. It's the only indicator I use for my trading. Highly recommended!!!

Sean O., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/20/05

What I really love about VantagePoint is the ability to use the Predicted Short-term trend and Predicted Medium-term trend to signal a trend change before any other indicator gives a clue. VantagePoint is a confidence builder that is hard to find any other place. I am a conservative trader and I feel VantagePoint takes much of the emotion and stress out of my trading. I wouldn't want to trade without it.

Carl M., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/19/05

VantagePoint is the only software I use. As an intelligent advisor', VantagePoint allows me to select when to trade and when to stay out of bad market conditions. Having multiple VantagePoint reports to select from allows me to pick the one or two markets with the strongest indicators. A prudent trader should be able to recoup the cost of the software in a fairly short period of time.

Ralph H., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 7/13/05

I have been extremely pleased with your software. I have purchased many systems in the past and VantagePoint is the only one that actually helps me make money in the futures market and stock market. Many thanks.

John P., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 4/13/05

I check VantagePoint every night. It either confirms what I already suspect or gives me a different perspective which helps me avoid some serious mistakes. Having the predictive properties of VantagePoint at my fingertips every night is like having a Samarai blazing the trail before me, cutting through all the tangled fundamentals and technical possibilities and opening a vista of probabilities. As the commodity markets become global at the speed of a runaway train, the neural networks of VantagePoint are quickly becoming a necessity, not a luxury.

Mary C., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 4/11/05

I have been trading since September 1992. I have struggled with different software but have managed to keep my head above water. My wife wanted to try a different trading system, so we decided to purchase VantagePoint. VantagePoint works so well that I have abandoned my old software and now use it exclusively. VantagePoint's accuracy is amazing. This is the first time I have ever given a testimonial about anything. I feel obligated to let everyone know that VantagePoint works as advertised. Anyone serious about trading should give VantagePoint a try.

Leonard C., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 3/28/05

I am very happy with the software. It is very easy to use and is in fact the first program I have ever tried that gave me a substantial profit the first day.

Robert C., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/28/05

While VantagePoint has a wealth of market data (especially for day-traders), I like the concept that simple is better! I use the visual feature called 'chart' which is simply a dual trend-line crossover indicator that tells if the displayed market is going up or down. The trend-lines are long enough to avoid whipsaws yet short enough to quickly participate in any sustained move. To me, a picture is worth a thousand words -- or numbers. Thanks, VantagePoint.

Bill B., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/8/05

The secret to being a successful trader is timing; getting in and out of the trade at the best possible points. VantagePoint takes the stress, fear, and uncertainty out of trading, the three downfalls of traders. If you have a blind obedience to the intersecting blue and black lines, success for you will be inevitable if you are consistent with it. My experience with the VantagePoint staff, technical support, and the whole company has been remarkably good. VantagePoint is the edge that I have been looking for. Thank you Josh and everyone at VantagePoint!

Darrell L., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/7/05

VantagePoint identifies some great profit opportunities while allowing me to follow the markets with a vastly reduced time commitment. I am a very happy trader. Thank you Market Technologies!

Holly G., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 2/3/05

The minute I decided I wanted to be a full time trader, I began to look for the programs and the 'experts' that would help me achieve that goal. I have certainly spent a lot of money on various trading programs. But once I found VantagePoint software, I looked no further. VantagePoint is the only 'expert' I need. It keeps me out of bad trades, and gets me into the good ones. With VantagePoint, my losses are cut short, while my profits run with the wind.

Bernadette A., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 1/28/05

If you are a trader and have discovered the VantagePoint timing charts, you now have one of the finest tools of the trade at your fingertips. I know, because now that I have VantagePoint, my other technical trading indicators have suddenly become obsolete.

Mark D., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 1/26/05

The accuracy of the projected trends and of the projected highs and lows for the various contracts each day amazes me. The technical staff is extremely helpful and available whenever a question arises.

Howard R., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 10/13/98

The VantagePoint system is the best market indicator I have ever seen. I never feel nervous entering a trade when a clear signal has occurred. I would recommend the system to any trader.

Ric M., VantagePoint Customer
Testimonial given on 12/10/97

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